Potatoes With A Purpose - Farm fresh potato chips making a difference.

Avocado Oil Idaho Potato Chip


Potatoes. We grow 'em. We cook 'em. We season them with only simple and natural ingredients. Our passion is farming and snacking. Our vision is to improve them. Join us in getting back to our ROOTS!

Avocado Oil Idaho Potato Chip


We're all about the good stuff. The best ingredients and farm fresh potatoes. No artificial ingredients or preservatives. Just real ingredients that deliver the full-flavored snack that you crave.

Avocado Oil Idaho Potato Chip


We want to help our where we can. Your purchase helps us donate to local state food banks and other organizations that fight hunger. You're awesome!  

Organizations that Roots Chip’s customers have helped us donate to:

-The Idaho Food Bank

 -Food Bank of Iowa

-Kansas Food Bank

-Donor Relations, Secondhand Harvest Heartland

-The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri

-Montana Food Bank Network

-Roadrunner Food Bank

-Food Bank for New York City

-Food bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina

-Ohio Association of Food Banks

-Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

-Feeing South Dakota

-Feeding Texas

-Utah Food Bank

-Northwest Harvest

-Food Bank of Wyoming

-Food Bank of Alaska

-Arizona Food Bank Network

-California Association of Food Banks

-Food Bank of the Rockies

Avocado Oil Idaho Potato Chips


Healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people. Like many farmers, we are committed to sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices. These practices can improve soil health, the environment, and sequester carbon.
As farmers, we rely on the land for a living. The Earth provides our livelihood while feeding us all. This connection pushes us to take care of the soil that we have been blessed with. The more we give back, the more we get in return. It is a beautiful collaborative cycle. 
Connect with us on Instagram to see how we are improving regenerative practices on our farm.
Avocado Oil Idaho Potato Chips
Questions, comments, or just want to say hi? email us at info@rootschips.com