Potatoes with a Purpose

all natural potato chips

Our Mission

We not only believe in snacking good, but also in doing good. We want to do our part to help those in need and to leave the Earth better than we found it. 

For The Community

Hunger. Sadly, millions of people go hungry everyday. By purchasing this bag, YOU have donated to YOUR local food bank. You're awesome! Thanks for the help.
With your help, we currently donate a percentage of every bag sold to your local state food bank. 
all natural potato chips

For The Earth

Healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people.
Like many farmers, we are committed to regenerative agricultural practices. These practices can improve soil health, the environment, and sequester carbon.
As farmers, we rely on the land for a living. The Earth provides our livelihood while feeding us all. This connection pushes us to take care of the soil that we have been blessed with. The more we give back, the more we get in return. It is a beautiful collaborative cycle. 
all natural potato chips

Connect with us to see how we are improving regenerative practices on our farm!